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We are out of space but have no money to expand - does anyone else have this problem?

 "The Need Always Comes Before The Money" by Thomas H Walker

Renovation Challenges when considering retail space.

"New Wineskins Ministry" by Thomas H Walker  

Good companies can have bad references; Bad companies can have good references. 

"Checking References" by Thomas H Walker

Overhead, what is that all about?

"An Inside Look At How Construction Firms Figure Overhead Costs" by Earl O Myler

What to look for when buying property.

"Myler Church Site Checklist" by Earl O Myler

Open Book / Closed Book: Which is in the church's best interest.

"Open Book Versus Closed Book" by Thomas H Walker 

Committment Is The Glue

"Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Basket" by Thomas H Walker  

There are challenges ahead so don't be surprised.

"Construction and Marriage" by Thomas H Walker 

We need to build, so how do we get started?

"Preparing To Build" by Stephen Anderson



The best always costs less in the long run.

"Best Cost Less" by Thomas H Walker




Growth and Expansion Guidelines E-Newsletter


Is Your Building Program Delayed? by Earl O Myler                                  

Insider Secrets by Earl Myler                                                                          

Kisses From An Enemy byThomas H Walker                                      

Why Is Planning Necessary?                                                                     


Arise and Build by Thomas H Walker

Why Hire An Expert?                                                                    

How Much Can I build For $10 Per Week? Earl O Myler

Designated Space; A thing Of The Past by Thomas H Walker                                              

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