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Be A Good Steward - Hire An Expert

 A smart man learns from his mistakes and a wise man finds an expert and learns from him how to avoid the mistakes - Roy H. Williams


An expert perseveres when others give up, is  humble, courageous, listens, and is passionate. Lastly, what stands between the amateur and the expert is dedication — to devote wholly and earnestly to a sacred purpose.


 Stewardship benefits from hiring an expert:


  • Myler’s forty years of experience - saves you time and money


  • Myler gets to the heart of a problem, discerns between ministry needs and wants, and helps maintain unity during a church building program - saves you time and money


  • Myler has the right tools - saves you time and money


  • Myler keeps abreast of the latest technology and trends - saves you time and money


Knowledge and experience gives you power to save that which every ministry is in short supply of - time and money.

Call or email for a consultation:

Myler Church Builders

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