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Build It Yourself Program Services

So, you are thinking about building your own church. Congratulations! The cost savings and satisfaction you'll realize are going to be tremendous. The next thing you need to decide is how to tackle the project. Should you do it yourself, or should you partner with Myler.

There are many churches these days saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating the middleman (the general contractor) and opting to build their church on their own. A few churches have all the expertise and experience it takes to construct their church project successfully. Most don't. And, this is where our firm comes in.

For over 40 years, Myler has been helping 100's of churches successfully design and/or construct their own facilities and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. We tailor our services and our fees to each church's needs, offering as much or as little as it takes to ensure a successful construction project.

In some cases, we teach and train people to handle the various tasks involved in the management of the construction of the project. We can provide the cost accounting systems, subcontract forms, management systems, bidding forms, licensing requirements, etc. for controlling the project. In other cases, we provide the people, the expertise, and the experience to do some of the major tasks for you.

Regardless of how much or how little of expertise you have available to manage, coordinate, direct and control the construction of your church, our firm can fill in the gaps and provide the people, the expertise, and the experience where needed to help you successfully complete the construction of your facilities at huge savings.

It can be a risky venture to attempt a large construction project on your own. Some try and quickly get in over their head. But when you have our professional guidance, the fear and risk are practically nil, you save money, and your church project can be an enjoyable realization of the vision you have for your church.

It doesn't cost anything to see how we can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars on your church construction project. If you are interested, please give us a call and we will set up a mutually convenient time to show you and your committee how we might be of assistance to you. Please give us a call at 1-800-878-4945 and ask to talk with Jim Gillikin (COO) or Earl Myler (Chairman). We believe it will be a call that you will be glad you made for your church.

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