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Capital Fund Raising Program Services

"And the people rejoiced when they promised their offerings willingly: because they offered them to the Lord with all their heart." - 1 Chronicles 29:9

Capital fund raising programs are utilized by churches for the purpose of raising additional capital to reduce existing debt or to increase giving for a church building program. A church usually has 3 optional methods for organizing and conducting a Capital Fund Raising Program.

First Option - Total Self-Performing

The first option is to do the Capital Fund Raising Program yourself. Though this option may be the least expensive for your church, it takes a considerable amount of time for the leadership to learn how to conduct a fundraiser (learning curve), gather up and/or prepare the right materials (resources), train the team members to help with the campaign (train), and to organize and conduct the program (manage).

This entails a lot of work…and time. And, it could end up costing your church more than the other options. First of all, a self-performing capital fund raising program usually ends up being the least effective for raising the most money from your people, mainly because of the lack of experience.

From what could be raised, a loss of just $2.00 raised per person per week could equate to several thousands of dollars of lost money. With an average worship service of say 400 @ $2.00 per person for 52 weeks, this would equate to an annual loss of $41,600 or $124,800 over a 3-year capital fund raising program.

Doing a self-performing capital fund raising program that usually takes several months because of the learning curve, gathering & preparing fund raising materials, training helpers, etc., can also delay the start of a building project, costing you not only time but costing you thousands of dollars in construction inflationary costs. It is not uncommon for 6 months of inflationary costs to increase the price of a building project by 2-3%.

Another issue that arises in doing a self-performing capital fund raising program is if a paid staff member is assigned the tasks for being leader, manager, organizer, coordinator and trainer. This usually means the paid staff member has to give up much of his/her church job responsibilities. This may adversely impact the total ministry of the church in many ways, one of the more important being that of acquiring new members for the church.

Second Option - Hire a Professional Firm

Many churches that don’t want to do self-performing capital fund raising programs usually feel their only choice is to hire an outside professional firm whose fees are very costly for the church. And, many of these type of firms are often high pressure, causing disunity and discontent within the congregational ranks. Fees for these types of companies usually start around $60,000 plus and move upward in costs with the size of the congregation.

Best Option - Hire Myler's "From Your Heart" Capital Fund Raising Consultants for Your Program

The “From Your Heart” Capital Fund Raising Program provides a middle of the road choice for a church. It yields the same or better results than costly outside professional firms, yet is affordable and economical for your church. And, the costs for the “From Your Heart” Capital Fund Raising Program more than pays for itself in superior giving results than that of a self-performing capital fund raising program.

You can expect the following with Myler’s “From The Heart” Capital Fund Raising Program:

  • It will save enormous amounts of time for your church leadership.
  • You will attain much better giving results than doing a self-performing capital fund raising program. The additional increase in giving results will more than pay for the “From The Heart” Capital Fund Raising Program.
  • The costs of “From The Heart” program are more affordable and economical than the costly, high pressure outside professional fund raising firms.
  • You will get personalized service from your “From The Heart” Capital Fund Raising Consultants.
  • You will get a “Low Key, Prayer-Centered, Results-Oriented” capital fund raising program that will work with your time schedule.

"From the Heart"

Capital Fund Raising Program 
For Today's Growing Churches


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