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Construction Advisory & Management Services

A New Tool for Your Expanded Ministry!

"Arise therefore, and build ye the Sanctuary of the Lord God . . ."
- I Chronicles 22:19

Benefits of Myler's Design/Build Team Approach in Planning, Design, and Building Church Facilities

According to a recent Design Building Institute report, the rationale for the increased use of the team approach (ie, planners, architects and builders working on the same team from the very beginning of the project till the end) by churches to design and build their projects is pretty straightforward. As is often the case when churches hire architects and general contractors separately with the design/bid/build approach, churches want to:

  1. Avoid the usual cost over-runs of 30% to 50% or more that threaten the success of their building programs
  2. Avoid having to solve or get involved in conflicts between architect and general contractor 
  3. Avoid the inherent and increasing litigation problems
  4. Avoid the typical time frame limitations of the commonly used traditional architect/general contractor linear building delivery system.

Churches no longer want to be subjected to these risky situations. Churches want designers and builders to work together in unity and with a common purpose of being able to design and build within established building budgets, hold down costs, complete projects more quickly, and maintain quality.

The "team approach" is not new to Myler. We have been successfully using the team approach for over 40 years with all of the 1,000 plus churches we have planned, designed and built. Here are some of the major benefits our experienced Myler team can give to your church:

  • Time and Money Savings for Your Church

Using our Myler Design/Build team approach, your church will get the most value for the dollar you invest. Myler's integrated team approach will give you greater design flexibility, lower construction costs, and a 6 to 8 months overall time savings for your building program.

  • Cost Control for Your Church

Your Leadership can depend on better cost control because there will be less budget variances as the project progresses. With the construction side of the Myler team being involved in the early stages of the planning and design phases, the input of costs to the designs that are being created by the architectural side of the Myler team will give you a more accurate and earlier knowledge of the total costs of the project. If the building budget is exceeded at any time, you and the Myler team can work together to get the project back into budget. With the architect/general contractor design/bid/build approach, you have to wait until your project is bid out to find out if the building budget is in jeopardy. By then, it is often too late to do anything about the cost over-runs without incurring major architectural expenses for redesign or asking your congregation and lender for more money.

In addition to the early cost over-run risks to your church and congregation when your project is bid out, you also have to worry about cost over-runs during construction. These are created by expensive change orders caused by lack of detail on the architect's drawings. Many General contractors attend special seminars to learn how to increase their profits through change orders by looking for errors on architect's drawings. According to industry statistics, from the time you contract with the general contractor till the time your project is completed, your contract costs will increase 7% or more just from these type of change orders... change orders and costs you did not anticipate. This risk is eliminated and you maintain cost control of your project when you use the Myler team approach. When we give you a guaranteed maximum Price, you don't have to worry about this happening to your church.

  • Single Source of Responsibility

With the Myler design/build team approach, your leadership will be working with a single point of contact and responsibility. If problems arise, responsibility and costs are not part of your responsibility as it is with the architect/general contractor system. And, there are no architect/general contractor conflicts that you have to deal with when you work with Myler. With our team approach to your building program, we can effectively and successfully produce every phase of your project as God would want us to in doing His work; ie, in unity and with a common purpose of providing a ministry tool for the nurturing of Christians and reaching the unsaved, unchurched souls in this nation.


Summary of Myler's Design/Build Construction Advisory and Management Services

Construction Advisory and Management Services in the Program Plannign Phase

During the Program Planning phase of your building program, Myler's Construction Staff will review the type of program space and the amount of space you are intending on building. With our extensive computer data base of current and past costs of thousands of church building projects and our specialized experience in estimating and building 100's of churches all over the country, we will help you determine a realistic building budget that your congregation can afford to build.

Construction Advisory and Management Services in the Design, Architectural and Engineering Phase

Protecting your building budget is one of the most important functions that we will be performing for you during these phases. You want to be able to build what you are telling your congregation all through the design process that you are intending to build. Through the value engineering and life cycle costing studies and accurate cost estimates that we will be performing for you during the design, architectural, and engineering phases, you will be able to make the right decisions involving costs that will keep your project within the financial parameters of the building budget you set in the program planning stage.

Construction Advisory and Management Services in the Negotiation / Multiple Bidding Phase and Construction Phase

The other most important function that the Myler Construction Staff will be performing for you is to give you a Guaranteed Maximum Price early in your building program process. With a Guaranteed Maximum Price you will be able to go to lenders and arrange the construction and permanent financing for your project.

The process of arriving at the Guaranteed Maximum Price is a team effort involving the Myler Construction Staff and your church's building committee. Our staff will do all the leg work in competitively negotiating and getting bids from trade contractors and suppliers in your local area. As negotiations are completed and bids are received, these will be submitted to your building committee for their review and approval. This "open book" system allows you to see and select the most competitive and best bona fide bids. You will know and have the assurance that you have competitively bid the project out and are getting the best Guaranteed maximum Price that you can for your congregation.

During the construction phase of your project, the Myler Construction Staff will manage all aspects of the construction of your new church facilities. We will be responsible for the project schedule, quality assurance, cost control, lien control, and all of the other things that contribute to the successful and satisfactory construction of your new church facilities. When construction is completed, if the final construction costs are less than the Guaranteed maximum Price, Myler will share these savings with your church.

After you take possession of your new building, we want to assure you that we will keep on working for you. If any problems arise soon after you start using your building, we will make sure the trade contractors involved get back and fix them. Then, after you have occupied your new facilities for one year, we will make sure any corrective warranty work is taken care of by the responsible prime trade contractors. Though it is unlikely, even after that, if you have any major problems with your new church facilities, we will be available to help you with them.

Myler's Construction Advisory and Management Staff

  • Have built over 1,000 churches.
  • Are certified Construction Managers and certified Estimators.
  • Have combined construction experience of several hundreds of years.
  • Have established industry-leading quality control standards for church construction. 

What Other Churches Have to Say About Myler's Design/Build Construction Advisory and Management Services

"Our building project with your firm was a good experience for our entire church. Your construction managers were very interested in making sure the project was completed as economically as possible, on time and with the highest standards of quality. I have already recommended your firm to several other churches."

Dave Litzkow, Facility Manager
North Central Church of Christ

"Thank you for your involvement in our second construction project with your company. Since we were under a tight schedule to get our educational complex completed, your Construction Management department and Architectural Engineering department worked very closely together to "fast track" our project, and deliver it three months ahead of schedule, and under budget. I believe the Myler Construction Management process is the only way to build church projects. We are looking forward to our next building program and will be using you again."

Gene Glaser, Building Committee Chairman
Holy Spirit Parish at Geist

"We were totally thrilled with the performance of the Myler people. our project superintendent went beyond the call of duty in all aspects of the project from start to finish. He was always available and ready to help us. We especially appreciated his thoroughness, his attention to detail, and his genuine concern for our welfare when dealing with the subcontractors. He and the rest of the Myler staff are to be commended, and serve as good examples of what churches are looking for in construction management."

Pentecostal Pastor, Charlotte, North Carolina

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