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Master Site Plan Services

Communicate Your Vision With A Myler Master Site Plan

“Where there is no vision, people perish” - Most church leaders have a vision for their church. Though clear to the leadership, it can be vague to your congregation.  Nothing communicates a vision to a congregation more than a professionally developed Myler Master Site Plan and a Facility Growth Plan.  Myler can help you “Print it on tablets of stone so all can see and run with it.” It shows your people:

  • Where they are
  • Where they are going
  • How they are going to get there
  • and When they are going to arrive. 

It will show them a clear plan is in place. It gets them excited, they stay excited, and your church grows because of that.

Build On A Solid Rock - Not Sand

Most Master Site Plans are like “footprints in the sand”. Placing building shapes on a site without regard to the right type and right amount of ministry space to be built in each phase, will produce a soon-to-be outdated master site plan. Even worse, the vision that was instilled in the hearts of the people will slowly disappear by the waves of time. 

Only with an accompanying Facility Growth Plan will you receive a Master Site Plan built upon a solid rock.  Myler’s Master Site Plans are strategically developed by placing the right type and amount of space in the right  location at the right time. We also advise you how to convert existing space over to more efficient ministry programming as you build each phase. You never have to ask “When do we build the next phase and what are we to build?”.

Facility Growth Plan

A well thought out Facility Growth Plan is the prerequisite for developing a Master Site Plan that will stand the test of time. It serves as the written business plan for growing your facilities at the same time you are growing your church. To print on tablets of stone so all can see and run with it, requires the Facility Growth Plan and Master Site Plan to work hand in hand with one another.


 Facility Growth Plan Benefits

  • Provides a written plan for facility growth as your membership grows.
  • Avoids the “roller coaster“ attendance effect when you reach the capacity of your facilities.
  • Keeps your ministry space in balance.
  • Tells you when to trigger your next building program as you reach specific attendance levels and affordability plateaus.
  • Tells you when you will reach the capacity of your site so you can plan on relocating or starting a new church plant.



A Facility Growth Plan accompanies every Myler Visionary Master Site Plan



Enlarged view of Facility Growth Plan on Master Site Plan:



"Whenever you make a change that impacts your Facility Growth Plan or Master Site Plan, Myler will update them at no cost to your church" - Earl O. Myler






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