Myler. The Church Building People.
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Myler Cares

MYLER, The Church Building People

“Caring People Serving Dynamic Ministries”

DAVID BURRIS – Myler Site Superintendent

Earl and Jim:

                Palm Sunday was a glorious day for Saint Luke’s, and it would not have been were it not for David Burris. All of this culminated on Palm Sunday as we had a processional into the Grove from the sanctuary during worship.  Everyone had an opportunity to claim the place for Jesus by signing their name on the floor or wall.  I came to David before Lent began and shared with him my vision, and he made it happen.  All the prime trade contractors were able to get most of the construction material out of the way.  David built a safety rail where there is a drop off, he arranged for our cleaning crew to come in and basically spend the night on Friday getting it ready.  And he also went out and bought himself a new keyboard, and led the congregation in the very first hymn sung in the grove – “Holy Ground.”  The symbolism of our construction supervisor leading us in worship was not lost on the congregation.  It could not have been better.  We all talk about being “partners” in this project, and for most of the congregation, those were just words.  But on Sunday they walked into the true meaning of that phrase.  Sunday was a day that will long be remembered in this church, and it is because of David.

                I also want to use this opportunity to state that if David does not return to Indiana when the project is over and you are not able to locate him, I had NOTHING to do with his disappearance!

Doug Gestwick, Senior Pastor

St. Lukes UMC, Yorktown, VA






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