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Owner's Representative Services

The oversight of a successful building project involves a significant investment in time for church leaders…time that most pastors, church staff and building committee chairpersons and members do not have available. And, in today's litigious and money conscious society there are inherent risks lurking in every aspect and phase of a church building project…risks that can cost your church thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of extra dollars your church may not have available. Industry statistics still indicate 6 out of 10 churches that start building programs never finish them.

Nowadays, it takes an experienced advocate, skilled in every phase of a church building project, to ensure your church's best interests are met in all aspects of a project. That is where the Myler Church Owner's Representative can help you. With our 40 years of being in the church building business, Myler has experienced all of the mistakes and "hard knocks" that can occur in church building projects and that can become a distraction to the ministry of the church.

Since we have worked with well over 1,000 churches, we know what works and what does not work. With our experienced church planning, design, finance, and construction personnel working on your behalf and serving as your "eyes and ears", we can help you streamline the church building process. It is important to note here that with most Owner Representatives, they have only themselves to do the work; ie, they are a "one man show".

With Myler, you have a "team" of experienced professionals working on your behalf at normally a cost of what you would pay one person. As an extension to your staff, Myler can help you from start to finish by bringing and/or coordinating church building committees, planners, architects, financial institutions, fund raisers, contractors, and consultants together as a team under one focal point of responsibility and accountability.

As your Church Owner's Representative, Myler will not only relieve you of most of the major headaches that go along with church building programs, but we will do so at practically no cost to you. Myler can usually save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars through the skills in contract and bid negotiations, risk mitigation, value engineering, cost control, bid package preparation and evaluation, communications, etc. that we can bring to the table.

Myler Benefits as Your Church Owner's Representative

Myler's team of professionals has the following benefits when we serve as your Owner's Representative for your church building program:

  • Become the Owner's "eyes and ears" for your church building project.
  • Ability to understand and implement your vision and goals.
  • Ability to keep the project in budget and in the affordability range for church.
  • Help the church get the financing for the project.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, along with computer skills.
  • Ability to work with and coordinate the responsibilities of the different church committees (Publicity, Planning, Finance, Construction, etc.) associated with the project.
  • Ability to lead, co-ordinate, and hold responsible the team of professionals (Planners, Architects, Financiers, Contractors, Consultants) in a timely manner. 
  • Ability to utilize web-based project management communication network. 
  • Strong computer aided scheduling backgrounds.
  • Strong estimating and budgeting capabilities.
  • Ability to develop cash flow budgeting requirements for upfront costs.
  • Understanding of the entire church building program process from start to finish.
  • Working knowledge of all building delivery systems (Design-bid-build, Design/Build, CM at Risk, CM Agency) and ability to communicate pros and cons to church leadership.
  • Working knowledge of all types of contracts including AIA contracts, AGC contracts, and specifically designed contracts. Ability to point out to church leadership the inherent risks and pros and cons associated with the various contracts needed for a church building program.
  • Ability to evaluate designs for functionality, constructability, and church affordability.
  • Understanding of remodeling work, renovation work, new construction and phased construction.
  • Ability to recognize, evaluate and communicate value-engineering options to the church leadership.
  • Ability to coordinate and manage the multiple design disciplines, separate contracts, multiple building contracts (if utilized) and church building committees and leadership.
  • Working knowledge of good quality work befitting God's Kingdom.
  • Ability to fairly mediate in a Christian manner and on behalf of the church any issues between design and construction disciplines.
  • Availability to manage and coordinate the project within the budgeted time frames.
  • Ability to put in place and maintain cost control systems.
  • Be available for evening meetings, and available via telephone, e-mail, text messaging, etc. 24/7.

Myler Services as a Church Owner's Representative

The services Myler can provide a Church as an Owner's Representative will vary dependent upon the specific requirements of the church and when the Church desires to hire Myler. Myler's services as a Church Owner's Representative can include, but are not limited to, the following. Fees will be dependent upon the Owner Representative services needed by your church. Myler personnel are available for an initial interview at your church's location. This will be at no cost or obligation to your church.

Planning Phase

  • Assist church in developing written scope of project (type of space and size), determining affordability, and developing realistic budget for project. Recommend appropriate phasing.
  • Work with and coordinate the responsibilities of the different church committees (Building, Publicity, Planning, Finance, Construction, etc.) associated with the project.
  • Assist in the interviewing process for the Design and Construction professionals who will work within the building delivery system selected by the church.
  • Develop overall Master building schedule.
  • Develop organizational structure and management plan for communications and approvals.

Design & Construction Document Phase

  • Assist in coordinating and directing design team. Monitor schedule performance.
  • Review drawings and specification for clarity of scope and to insure conformance with church's needs.
  • Review cost estimates for reasonableness. Identify opportunities for cost savings.
  • Conduct and document Project Coordination Meetings. Prepare a written monthly report to church leadership. 
  • Review and make recommendations for payments to Architect.

Bidding and Procurement Phase

  • Assist in reviewing and selecting project delivery system.
  • Review and recommend appropriate bidding process for contractor(s) and suppliers per project delivery system utilized. 
  • Prepare comparative analysis of bids received and make recommendations for best, bona-fide bids.
  • Review contracts to be utilized and make recommendations in contract language for minimizing risks to church.
  • On church's behalf, negotiate with successful bidders.

Construction Phase

  • Develop Communications, Collaboration and Coordination structure for Project. Develop Project Documentation, and Project Cost Control and Accounting system for Project.
  • Review and make recommendations regarding payments to Contractor(s) and Suppliers.
  • Review change order requests by architect or contractor(s)for justifiableness and fairness. Negotiate all change order amounts when higher than normal. 
  • Conduct and document monthly project coordination meetings.
  • Mediate informally and quickly any disputes between team members. 
  • Review periodically with church leadership the on-site construction quality of workmanship for acceptance. 
  • Monitor schedule and develop schedule recovery strategies when necessary.
  • Review substantial punch list items, including submission of all required documentation by contractor(s) and suppliers for operation of systems, warranty items, care and maintenance of installed products and materials. 
  • Coordinate transfer of building operations and insurance requirements to Church. 
  • Assist Church in identifying and getting corrected any remedial work that is required during the warranty period.

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