Myler. The Church Building People.
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Why Myler?

Why Hire Myler?

  • Less upfront cash requirements for a "Go" project
  • Drive down square footage costs without compromising quality
  • Best Value received for every dollar spent
  • 97% of Myler projects are completed successfully
  • 92% average congregational "Planning and Design" approval votes
  • Flexible services tailored to your needs or a "One Stop Shop", "A to Z" Full Service Delivery System
  •  High-quality construction at the lowest possible price and in the quickest possible time
  • Our 40 years of experience provides confidence, security, trust and peace of mind
  • Voted "Best in Class" firm in the church design/build industry
  • Minimize financial risk by keeping your project in budget from start to finish
  • This is Myler's ministry - "We are caring people serving dynamic ministries"



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