Myler. The Church Building People.
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Core Values

Treat all individuals with dignity and respect.
At Myler, we believe that every person we encounter has been created by God and is worthy of the ransom paid by Christ on the cross. Therefore, regardless of whether they are Pastors or painters, committee members or contractors, we approach them with an attitude of dignity and respect in hope that we might model the Grace that God has shown toward us.

Conduct our business with honesty, integrity and fairness.
This core value is a founding principle of our company and is reflected in every aspect of our business. Jesus said that when we are dealing with others we should let our yes be yes and our no be no. We work hard to honor His statement by being open, forthright and honest in all of our dealings and making sure that every transaction is fair for all the parties involved.

Create relationships that benefit all parties.
Some companies will boast of their, "Team." We understand that there will likely be 100 people or more who will be actively involved in the Planning, Designing and Building of a church facility and that they all have to work together as a "Team" for the project to be a success. Teamwork doesn't happen by accident. At Myler, we build relationships that benefit all parties so true teamwork can thrive.

Continuously raise the benchmark of quality in the Church Building Industry.
For over 40 years, Myler has set the standard in the church building business. While a few companies have implemented slick sales gimmicks and flashy advertisements Myler continues to Plan, Design and Build the highest quality buildings available at the most economical prices. At Myler building churches is more than just a vocation; it is a mission with a passion. We will constantly endeavor to be a leader in improving the Church Building Industry.

More Than a Building Program.
Myler experienced spiritual battles with every church building project they partnered with over the past 40 years. Only firms that are church specialists understand that the church, as well as the company they hire, steps into an arena to do battle with an invisible enemy. When a church decides to expand their facilities for the purpose of reaching their community for Christ, they become a target. There is more to building church facilities than just sticks and bricks, because it is so much more than a building program.

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