After planning, design, and funding, Myler is able to bring your project to fruition in the construction management phase. It is here that the prayers, faith, and hard work of your congregation transform a plan into reality, through the grace of God.

Myler begins the construction phase behind the scenes, obtaining permitting on your behalf from local and state authorities, and conducting a wide-ranging search for contractors to provide bids for the job. Myler works through contractors in your community to build your church, keeping money within the local community and introducing your neighbors to your growing church.

We remain present on the worksite day-by-day through an onsite superintendent, who is in daily contact with our construction management and architectural teams.

Through our open-book accounting system, contractors are paid by you. This differs from most general contractors who pay subcontractors out of money you provide them. When working with Myler, you sign the checks, and you see each expenditure.