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Myler is proud of its 40-year long history of providing topnotch quality service to our church clients. We have been able to continue this commitment through the employment of hardworking, highly motivated, caring people who have a heart for the church and want to be the best they can be at their chosen profession. Myler is looking for these types of people for several key positions. We offer competitive salaries with an excellent comprehensive benefits package, including 401K. Myler Company Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Listed below are some of our current openings. Please check this page regularly, as there are always new positions opening up due to growth. If responsibility, hard work and commitment are part of your character, as well as having an opportunity for unlimited growth and earning potential, then give us a call at 1-800-878-4945, e-mail us or you may also choose to send us your resume electronically or mail it to:

Myler Church Building Systems
970 North Englewood Drive
Indiana, 47933

Client Relations Representative

Basic Job Responsibilities: Myler is currently interviewing qualified candidates to serve as Client Relations Representatives in designated regions. This position is ideally suited for retired or semi-retired individuals who want to be involved in Christian ministry. Generous commissions may be earned on a full-time or part-time basis. No selling is involved. The major responsibilities of this position include the following:

  • Contacting churches by phone in your region to see if and when they are considering a building program to expand existing facilities or construct new facilities.
  • Conducting low-key interviews with pastors, business administrators and/or building committee chairpersons to gather information about their ministries and plans for expansion.
  • Arranging sales presentations with interested potential clients to be given by a Myler Church Planning representative.

Fax your resume to the attention of Susan Gillikin, Secretarial Assistant to Chairman.:
(765) 364-8279, or send by email to

Business Development Associate

Basic Job Description: Generous commissions of $50,000 to $100,000 or more (Unlimited Earning Potential) per year may be earned with this position. This position is ideally suited for those who want to be involved in Christian ministry work. Position requires a person to be self-motivated with good work habits. Must possess good communication skills. Retired or Semi-retired individuals may apply too.

Fax your resume to the attention of Susan Gillikin, Secretarial Assistant to Chairman.:
(765) 364-8279, or send by email to

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