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Financial Planning & Consulting Services

Responsible Stewardship Opens the Door!

"He will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build…."
- Nehemiah 2:20

Benefits of Myler's Design/Build Financial Planning & Consulting Services

The success of your church building program will hinge upon finances. Unfortunately, the financing of church building programs is not a simple matter. It's one of the most difficult, frustrating, time consuming tasks that you will face during your church building program. And with banks facing the issues of the current economical situation, it is becoming very difficult for churches to get the necessary financing for their projects. You will find that most architectural or construction firms you ask about helping with your financial planning or the acquisition of financing for your project will simply say that it is your responsibility. If they do say they will help, it is usually of a token nature with no real results. Thus, this demanding and complex chore is left entirely up to you to take care of…a chore that will take lots of time, effort, and research on your part.

Myler takes a whole different approach to this problem. When you work with Myler, we want to help you with the finance part of your building program. Why? It's because we know that unless the project is financially successful, we will not be successful in getting your project built. We are only successful when you are successful. Therefore, we want to be an integral part of your finance team and provide all the assistance we can to make sure the finances get in place for your project. And, the best part of this for you is that we devote and invest the efforts of our Myler financial people on your behalf at no extra costs to you. We will also be saving you 100's of hours of your personal time that you would have to devote to this task as well as saving thousands of dollars of your congregation's money that you would have to spend to get this type of professional guidance and assistance.

We have been providing our highly successful financial services to all of our Myler clients for over 40 years. This has resulted in successful building programs for all 1,000 plus churches with which we have worked. We will be helping you with these three key financial elements of your building program:

  • Planning a financial strategy that will encompass developing a building budget that will be within what your congregation can safely afford, and that will not overburden your congregation with too large of a building debt which would put severe limitations on other ministry programs of your church.
  • Getting the necessary financial backing from your congregation to support what you are intending to build.
  • Acquiring the necessary construction and permanent financing from a lender at favorable interest rates and terms.

Optional Negotiating Services

Myler's Financial Consultants have helped several churches get better terms and rates for their long term financing requirements than the churches could have gotten on their own. Since Myler works with churches and leading lending institutions nationwide, our financial consultants know on a daily basis what is happening in the specialized church financing market over a very large geographical area. In many instances,, this knowledge has helped Myler negotiate better interest rates and terms for Myler church clients than banks have initially offered to these churches.

In other instances, with Myler's connections with several national financing sources, Myler Financial Consultants have been able to arrange long term financing with these national sources at better interest rates and terms than lenders in a church's local area are willing to offer. This has saved Myler church clients thousands of dollars.

Myler's negotiation services are optional for your church to use. If you elect to use Myler to help you in any negotiations with your local lenders, or if you elect to use any of the national financial sources, there will be a small fee, if, and only if, Myler helps you save money.

Summary of Myler's Design/Build Financial Planning & Consulting Services

Financial Planning and Consulting in the Program Planning Phase

During the Program Planning phase of your building program, Myler Financial Planning Consultants will help you determine the financial capabilities of your congregation with and without a funding program. This will enable you to develop a building budget that will be within the parameters of what your congregation can safely afford as well as be within lender borrowing capacity guidelines for the size of your church.

Financial Planning & Consulting in the Design Phase

During the Design Phase of your building program, the size, scope and cost estimates will be changing up and down dependent on the many decisions you will be making during that process. Every time the cost estimate changes, your Myler Financial Planning Consultant will be preparing a written Financial Summary Report keeping you updated on the impact the changing cost estimates are having on the financial planning aspects of your building program.

The Financial Summary Report will:

  1. Compare the current cost estimate with the building budget and financial capabilities of your congregation as established at the Program Planning Phase and will provide you with a red flag if the current cost estimate puts your project in financial jeopardy.
  2. Advise you of the current cash resources you have to apply toward the current cost estimate for the building project as well as inform you how much your church will have to borrow based on the current cost estimate.
  3. Advise you of how much you will need to raise per person in a funding program to financially support the cost estimate for the building project.
  4. Inform you as to the impact the current cost estimate for the building project has on the equity position of your church. This up to date report keeps you fully informed and gives you the opportunity to make the necessary decisions that will keep your congregation financially safe, enable you to borrow the money you will need, and make your project a success.

Financial Planning & Consulting in the Funding Phase

Most churches have to conduct a capital fund raising campaign to raise enough funds on a monthly basis to support the monthly payment on the amount of money they will have to borrow for the construction of the new church facilities. In lieu of paying out several thousands of dollars for firms that help churches conduct these type of fund raising campaigns, most churches elect to do their own fund-raising program. If your church elects to conduct its own capital fund raising campaign, Myler's financial Planning Consultants will assist you in doing so. We will provide you with organizational guidance, appropriate planning and training manuals and materials, including "camera-ready" masters of a pledging packet and commitment forms that you can use for your own program. We have helped hundreds of churches save money by successfully conducting their own programs and we will help you too.

For those churches that want to hire outside capital fund raising firms, Myler will supply your financial committee with the names of several successful fund raising firms, and will help you analyze any proposals received from these firms.

Financial Planning & Consulting in the Acquisition of Construction & Permanent Financing

When your church is ready to get commitments for the construction and permanent financing of your building project, Myler will assist you in preparing the material you will need for your Financial Portfolio. Having helped over 700 plus churches successfully get this type of financing, Myler's Financial Planning Consultants know what financial material and other information lenders are looking for, we know how to arrange it in a practical and easy format for the lenders to analyze, and we know how to put your church's information into language lenders understand and appreciate. This all adds up to getting the money you need for your project at favorable interest rates and terms. It also adds up to saving you hundreds of hours of doing all this work yourself.

Myler's Financial Planning & Consulting Staff

  • Have over 40 years experience in the unique complexities of church financing.
  • Have helped over 1,000 churches successfully finance their building programs.
  • Are skilled in the art of financial negotiations with lenders on behalf of Myler clients.
  • Place over $50 million annually of construction and permanent financing loans with lenders at favorable and affordable interest rates and terms for Myler clients.
  • Continually research innovative ways of financing church projects that will be beneficial to Myler church clients.

What Other Churches Have to Say About Myler's Design/Build Financial Planning & Consulting Services

"When acquiring our construction loan, we visited several banks. Each bank we visited was deeply elated over such a wonderful Financial Portfolio and how well it was put together to represent our church in such a favorable way. You and your staff are to be commended for a job well done."

Rev. Benjamin T. Holmes, Pastor
Sis. Lillian Bullock, Church Clerk
New Friendship Baptist Church

"For over 8 years our church has been planning to construct a Family Life Center. At the point we were ready to proceed with the financing, we discovered Myler. The Myler financial team worked great with us in planning our financial strategies and developing an outstanding financial portfolio, enabling us to obtain several good proposals from major banks."

T. F. Cunningham, Pastor
Mt. Enon Missionary Baptist Church

"Your financial assistance and consultation was invaluable to our church. This is a service you provide that all churches can greatly benefit from."

Andy Kotarba, Finance Chairman
South Lansing Christian Church

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