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Determining Needs, Developing Solutions, and Setting the Course of Action!

"We should make plans... counting on God to direct us."
- I Chronicles 17:2

Ministry Focused Planning

With over 100 years of ministry experience and having worked with over 1,000 Churches in successfully planning what to build, how much to build, and when to build it, Myler's Church Growth Facility Consultants are experts at translating your ministry goals and dreams into practical building solutions…for the present and the future.

Growth Goals
Youth Ministries
TV Ministry
Multimedia Worship
Music/Drama Teams
Administrative Staff
Square Foot Requirements
Site Planning
Space Allocation
Financial Capability
Master Planning
Use of Existing Facilities

Stewardship Focused Planning (Finance)

Building new church facilities that will serve as a ministry tool in reaching the unchurched and unsaved is the objective for every church. However, if the new facility creates financial troubles, hampers other ministry programs, or becomes a burden to the congregation because of too much building debt, tragic consequences will follow.

Over the past 40 years, Myler worked with over 1,000 churches.  Proudly we state, not one of those churches Myler planned, designed and built got into financial trouble or had to cut back on its ministry programs.

Our successful track record is the result of Myler Planners helping plan the right type and amount of space to Financial Affordability, Budget, Church's affordabilitycontinue church growth. 

It is a Balancing Act to expand a facility and keep it within a budget that the congregation can safely afford.

Stewardship Focused Planning (Time)

Myler Planners are also acutely aware of the increased time demands that a building program can put upon the ministerial staff and leadership of a church. This can detract from the time available for the ongoing vital ministries and programs of the church. We work especially hard at conserving this invaluable time for you.

Since Myler has been doing the same thing over and over for 40 years, we know what to do, when to do it, and who is going to do it. With this vast amount of experience, we will save you and your leadership 100's of hours of personal time…time that you can spend with your family and doing the things that you need to do and want to do.

Value Added Benefit for Your Church

Many other architectural firms leave the entire program planning requirements of the project on the shoulders of church leadership and charge your church between $2,500 and $4,000. With Myler, at no cost to your church, we invest $2,500 to $4,500 in performing these planning services for your church.

Summary of Myler's Design/Build Program Planning Services

  • Myler will assist your church leadership in determining what type and how much program space you will need to build based upon your church's objectives (vision, mission, and growth goals), schedule, budget constraints, and criteria.
  • We will make recommendations for the highest and best use of your site and existing facilities.
  • We will assist you in determining the financial capability of what your congregation can safely afford based upon current lender guidelines, interest rates, and terms.
  • Myler will make practical building recommendations to your leadership if the size and scope of the project, and resultant cost estimates, exceeds your budget constraints or what your congregation can afford.
  • If relocation is required, we will assist you in the selection of a new site.

Myler's Church Growth Facility Consultants

  • Have Degrees in Church Growth, Evangelism, Education and Business Administration.
  • Have Over 100 Years of Practical Ministry Experience.
  • Are Certified Annually as Church Planners.
  • Are Published Authors and Recognized Experts in the Industry.

What Other Churches Have to Say About Myler's Design/Build Program Planning Services

"It has been a pleasure to work through the planning and decision making process with the Myler Company. The wisdom and experience you have brought to us has been received with gratitude, appreciation and has positively impacted our bottom line."

Joyce M. Martello
Church Business Administrator

Light of the World Christian Church

"This is to commend the entire Myler team for the outstanding pre-construction planning services you've provided the Allen Temple building project. Your impressive national track record of church planning, design and construction, combined with skilled people and your excellent support system have been invaluable in helping us to more quickly evaluate a number of options for our project."

Woodrow Keoun, Jr.
Chairman, Design & Construction Committee
Allen Temple AME Church

"As chairperson of Western Heights Baptist Church planning and building committee, it is my pleasure to recommend Myler. Without their unique planning process, our church would have never taken the first serious step toward new construction."

Roger Slater
Chairperson Planning & Building
Western Heights Baptist Church

"We have long had a sense of direction for what we believed God wanted us to do…and even had some ideas concerning how to do it, but we were totally without the expertise needed to take a first step. To whom could we turn for guidance…and how to interface planners and architects? We quickly learned about a planning process and a firm that provided answers to our many questions, and would reassure our congregation that we were on secure ground. That firm was Myler. Many thanks to you."

Ted W. Smith
Administrative Pastor
Church of the Living God

"Our committees had been planning for over a year. Although I had my doubts that Myler could do anything to help, it was only a short time after they became involved that things began to happen. Our Planning Committee worked closely with the Myler people and not only agreed on a long-range written master plan and its proper phasing, but got the plan approved by our governing body in short order."

United Methodist Minister, Indianapolis, Indiana 

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