Myler. The Church Building People.
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  • Are you unable to get your church building program started?
  • Has your building program failed?
  • Did your project bid out over what you can afford?
  • Did your design cost estimates exceed your budget?
  • Were you unable to get enough financing for your project?

When it comes to the tough questions facing churches that appear to be unsolvable, many churches have turned to Myler for the answers. After being in the church design and build business for over 40 years, there are very few problems that Myler hasn't already faced and solved for its church clients. In a high percentage of cases, Myler has turned the impossible into the possible.

Whatever is hindering you from accomplishing your vision, we can help you. Give us a call and we will be glad to talk with you about your situation.

1-800-878-4945 Ext.120 • Susan Gillikin • Executive Administrative Assistant

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